Mt. Shiveer is a very snowy place, no one knows why most animals don't freeze there, probably witchcraft of some sort.

Mt. Shiveer is mostly empty, until someone decides to scream "LEeT'S BREAK DA ICE!1!!" and everyone follows them, totally ignoring common sense.

If you see a bunch of people jumping on ice and screaming: "BEcOME A SEAL PPL!!!" "U WILL GET FREE MEMBERSHIP/RARES IF U BREAK THIS" "JUMP OR I'LL REPORT U" "JUMP ON DA SiiiGN", then you are at Mt. Shiveer.

No matter how many times you tell them it doesn't work, your words will never reach their heads, probably because in the cold you can't hear anything.

Also there's a Cocoa Shop but no one cares about it so let's skip it, There's also some weird big mountain at the top but AJHQ doesn't feel the need to elaborate on cool places so MOAR GREEELEI!!!!@!