Jamaa is the land which is home to many scammers, crappy roleplayers, clan cats and spoiled immature brats, also known as Jammers. It was created by a big, blue chicken called Mira and a Ireallydon'tknowmaskthingy, Zios. There are many lands, such as the overpopulated Jamaa Township and the completely deserted ocean lands that people only paid attention to for two weeks.


Jamaa was created by a Mira. Nobody knows how. She just did. Then she went to find shamans alphas who allow children to fight Phantoms. Then she disappeared and nobody knows what's in the basement. Wait where did Animal Jam Headquarters come from?

Jamma was originally named "Jellyma", however, Mira thought the name just didn't have that swing, so she changed it to "Gemma", after the currency. Afterwards, Zios was writing down the name and accidentally spelt it as "Jamaa", and was widely used in place of "Gemma", which is how the name came to be.

Land AreasEdit

Jamaa TownshipEdit

Jamaa Township is home to many scammers, mate beggars, adoption beggars, fake Fmans, idiots, noobs and immature brats. It is a very colourful place, only lacking intelligence and proper grammar. It is also where you can find Jam Mart Clothing, Jam Mart Furniture, Sol Arcade, Club Geoz, the adoption centre Pillow Room and the Scam Diamond Shop.