Crystal Sands is the replacement of Jamma Township on busy days, expect wet people. (animals?)

Crystal Sands has a completely unrelated name, since there's not a single crystal sand anywhere on this land.

You can find:

  • The two slides no one uses.
  • A smoothie shop that is empty half of the time, when it's full you will find people singing awful songs, accompanied by the typical Animal Jam environment.
  • An aquarium no one cares about; the only people you'll see there is a bored person trying to use mind control on the fish, and sometimes a really strange, rare Jammer who plays Animal Jam for learning stuff.
  • Many Fman122s that do absolutely nothing.

As we have said, this is the replacement of Jamma Township when it's too full (always), however it's not as hell-like as the actual place.