Clans are the place where Jammers can be violent and rip off each others' heads, which is exactly what they do in the "Warriors" series.

In fact,  in the series along with the game, all attacks must be accompanied by "nn".

For best emphasis, use "nn nm nd nl nk nw nq" to ensure your victim will never dodge.

Because punctuation was removed, AJHQ was hoping to rid of this. However, Clanners have prevailed by changing their - to a :

Before: -rips off heart and laps up red nn-

Now: :rips off heart and laps up red nn:

Clans tend to think that every land on Jamaa except Jamaa Township is theirs, and because of that they will attack anything that they perceive in "their territory". Clans hunt anything on sight, which means they hunt other players who are just passing through Sarepia Forest , their natural habitat.

All clans are composed of wolves, wolves, and more wolves, the more progressive clans have Arctic wolves as their leader and maybe a fox or two. ALL clans have bunnies as kits since bunnies are OBVIOUSLY cats, ignore the gigantic ears.

Do NOT ever call someone in a clan a "wolf", they are cats. But they are really wolves.